Promotion and Tenure

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Promotion and Tenure Workshops

2- and 4-Year Appraisal Workshop

The UD Faculty Achievement Program team’s appraisal workshops cater towards faculty approaching their two- or four-year reviews. Workshops are held four times each fall semester. Over the course of these workshops, faculty members strengthen their candidate statements, their appraisal sections (teaching, research, service, administration), and receive feedback from their tenured faculty reviewer, as well as our UD Faculty Achievement Program Provost Faculty Fellows.

Dossier Workshop

Similar to UD Faculty Achievement Program’s two- and four-year appraisal workshops, faculty members approaching their two- and four-year reviews are invited to strengthen their dossier materials in a spring semester dossier workshop. Faculty members will compile their dossier materials for feedback from tenured faculty reviewers and our UD Faculty Achievement Program Provost Faculty Fellows across four workshop meetings.