Our Staff

Publicity photo of new CEHD Dean, Lynn Okagaki


Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs

Lynn Okagaki

The Deputy Provost, as the chief advisor to the Provost, has broad responsibilities for Academic Affairs.  The Deputy Provost is part of the senior leadership team for the University of Delaware, serving on the President’s Executive Committee, Roundtable, and Dean’s Council. She also serves on the Provost’s Executive Committee and Senior Staff, and convenes these groups in the absence of the Provost. She works with the Faculty Senate on the establishment or disestablishment of academic programs and with the Deans on the review of existing academic programs.  She works with the colleges in the design and delivery of general education, as well as programs of support for students who have not declared a major.  She convenes the Assistant and Associate Deans as well as the academic directors overseeing university-wide initiatives to assure high quality for academic support services across the university. She oversees special programs for some of our most talented undergraduates. As such, the Director of the Honors Program, the Director of Undergraduate Research and Service Learning, the Director of the Center for Premedical and Health Professions Studies report to the Deputy Provost.

The Deputy Provost is responsible for advancing global perspectives in academic programs as well as advancing the university’s impact around the world.   Study Abroad, international partnerships, global research collaborations, and support for international students and scholars are a part of this portfolio. As such the Associate Provost for International programs reports to the Deputy Provost.

Finally, the Deputy Provost assures our compliance with accreditation demands and oversees our capacity to generate and analyze data for institutional decision-making.    As such the Office of Institutional Research and Evaluation as well as the Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning report to the Deputy Provost.


Associate Provost and Chief of Staff

Peggy Bottorff

The Associate Provost and Chief of Staff works directly with the Provost across the range of his responsibilities.  She provides coordination with the deans, vice provosts and other senior administrators and works to insure that the Provost’s agenda and initiatives are realized.  She facilitates planning functions and works on the Provost’s behalf with senior academic administrators to strengthen operational excellence, communications and interdepartmental relationships.  Consulting with the Provost, the Associate Provost & Chief of Staff oversees the fiscal management of the Provost Office including short-term and long-term budgetary planning.

Carol Henderson - Vice Provost

Vice Provost for Diversity

Carol Henderson

The Vice Provost for Diversity provides strategic leadership in advancing diversity as an institutional value and academic priority in all facets of the academic community. The Vice Provost works closely with senior leaders and leadership to develop, promote, and implement initiatives that cultivate a campus climate that is welcoming, equitable and inclusive, and she assists institutional leaders in developing plans for accountability centered on faculty and student diversity, recruitment, and retention. In addition to helping academic units enhance their curricular offering so that they reflect diversity as a visible and intellectual practice, the Vice Provost also maintains relationships with universities, community organizations and other relevant groups to advance and expand access opportunities within higher education.


Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Matthew Kinservik

The Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs provides support and oversight for all phases of faculty life at the university. In order to promote the highest standards of academic excellence, the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs advises the provost on faculty hiring and promotion and tenure; assists the colleges in recruitment; welcomes new faculty to campus and provides ongoing mentoring through the promotion and tenure process; and serves as the liaison to the University of Delaware Association of Retired Faculty.


Interim Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education

Doug Doren

The Office of Graduate and Professional Education at the University of Delaware facilitates collaboration among many campus units to foster and enhance robust graduate programs.

The Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education provides oversight and has responsibility for more than 150 graduate programs across all seven colleges. He promotes excellence in graduate and professional education across campus and works to enhance support for graduate student services, increase funding opportunities, strengthen and expand interdisciplinary and cross-college collaborative programs, develop new high-profile initiatives that build on the University’s strengths, and promote the national and international visibility of current graduate students and alumni.


Vice President for Enrollment Management

Christopher Lucier

The Vice President for Enrollment Management is responsible for developing enrollment management strategy and coordinating, implementing, and assessing operational programs to recruit, admit, retain, and graduate undergraduate students consistent with the University of Delaware’s traditions, mission, vision, and values. He is responsible for developing and cultivating a collaborative university-wide environment to coordinate and synchronize enrollment management to accomplish operational and strategic goals. He supervises offices critical to effective enrollment management: undergraduate admissions, student financial services, registrar’s office, and student enrichment.


Interim Vice President for Student Life

José-Luis Riera

The Division of Student Life supports the educational mission of the University through innovative services and programs that promote student learning, personal development and well-being, and academic success. The Division fosters inclusive communities, facilitates student engagement and leadership development, and promotes responsible citizenship.

The Vice President for Student Life provides strategic leadership to a comprehensive division of programs and services involving 11 administrative departments. The Vice President partners with academic affairs to develop and implement innovative, co-curricular programs that promote community development, student engagement, and academic success. The Vice President is responsible for developing policies and procedures that anticipate, triage and resolve student crises.

Publicity photo of Trevor Dawes


Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums and May Morris University Librarian

Trevor A. Dawes

The University Libraries, Museums and Press (collectively, the Library) support the teaching and research mission of the University. With broad-based and specialized collections, the Library is committed to student success, scholarly research and inclusive excellence. The Library collaborates strategically with campus partners to achieve these priorities, as well as with national professional organizations including the Association of Research Libraries, Center for Research Libraries, Coalition for Networked Information, Council on Library and Information Resources, Digital Library Federation, OCLC Research Partnership, SPARC, HathiTrust, the National Digital Stewardship Alliance, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) and the ACRL Diversity Alliance. Library staff members provide a wide range of in-person, online and telephone services including reference, circulation, interlibrary loan, instructional programs, assistance to users working on multimedia projects and assistance to users with disabilities.