Our Staff

Lynn Okagaki


Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs

Lynn Okagaki

The Deputy Provost, as the chief advisor to the Provost, has broad responsibilities for Academic Affairs.  The Deputy Provost is part of the senior leadership team for the University of Delaware and serves on the President’s Roundtable and on the Provost’s Council and Senior Staff. She works with the Faculty Senate on curricular issues and with the deans on the review of existing academic programs, and with both groups on the design and delivery of general education and support for students who have not declared a major.  This position oversees student success initiatives, convenes the Assistant Deans on issues related to advising and student success, and works with the program directors of academic support programs across campus to ensure high quality for the University’s academic support services. Also reporting to the Deputy Provost are the directors of the Student Success Initiative, Honors Program, Undergraduate Research, the Horn Entrepreneurship Program, and the Center for Health Professions Studies. The Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning also reports to the Deputy Provost and contributes to the University’s academic and student success initiatives.

She is also responsible for advancing global perspectives in academic programs, as well as advancing the University’s impact around the world.  Study Abroad, international partnerships, and support for international students and scholars are a part of this portfolio. As such, the Associate Deputy Provost for International programs reports to the Deputy Provost.

Finally, the Deputy Provost assures our compliance with accreditation demands.

Karen Aniunas

Associate Provost and Chief of Staff

Karen Roth Aniunas

The Associate Provost and Chief of Staff works directly with the Provost across the range of her responsibilities. She provides coordination with the deans, vice provosts and other senior administrators and works to ensure that the Provost’s agenda and initiatives are realized. She facilitates planning functions and works on the Provost’s behalf with senior academic administrators to strengthen operational excellence, communications and interdepartmental relationships. Consulting with the Provost, she oversees the fiscal management of the Provost Office including short-term and long-term budgetary planning.

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Matthew Kinservik

The Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs provides support and oversight for all phases of faculty life at the University. In order to promote the highest academic standards and inclusive excellence, the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs advises the Provost on faculty recruitment and promotion and tenure; assists the colleges in
recruitment and mentoring; oversees the promotion and tenure process; and serves as the liaison to the Faculty Senate, the UD chapter of the American Association of University Professors, and the University of Delaware Association of Retired Faculty.

Dean Lou Rossi

Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate College

Louis Rossi

The Graduate College at the University of Delaware facilitates collaboration among many campus units to foster and enhance robust graduate and professional programs.

The Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate College provides oversight and has responsibility for more than 150 graduate programs across all seven colleges. He promotes excellence in graduate and professional education across campus and works to enhance support for graduate student services, increase funding opportunities, strengthen and expand interdisciplinary and cross-college collaborative programs, develop new high-profile initiatives that build on the University’s strengths, and promote the national and international visibility of current graduate students and alumni.

Vice President for Enrollment Management

Rodney Morrison

The Vice President for Enrollment Management is responsible for developing enrollment management strategy and coordinating, implementing, and assessing operational programs to recruit, admit, retain, and graduate undergraduate students consistent with the University of Delaware’s traditions, mission, vision, and values. He is responsible for developing and cultivating a collaborative university-wide environment to coordinate and synchronize enrollment management to accomplish operational and strategic goals. He supervises offices critical to effective enrollment management: undergraduate admissions, student financial services, and the registrar’s office.

Publicity photo of Trevor Dawes


Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums and May Morris University Librarian

Trevor A. Dawes

The Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums oversees Morris Library and the branch libraries; the University of Delaware Press; and Special Collections and Museums, which includes the gallery in Morris, art galleries in Old College and Mechanical Hall and the Mineralogical Museum in Penny Hall.

The Library, Museums and Press inspires the intellectual, scholarly and creative achievements of the University community with expert staff, excellent service, dynamic learning spaces and access to diverse collections and information resources. As the intellectual and interdisciplinary hub of the University, the Library provides a welcoming environment and equitable service to a diverse community of users. Working with campus and community partners, the Library actively contributes to the University’s success by supporting scholarly and creative endeavors, teaching, and research and scholarship.

As stewards of the Library’s tangible and digital collections, Library staff foster lifelong learning. They assist users in the creation of a wide variety of scholarly materials; support information literacy, including skills for locating, evaluating, using and creating information; collaborate with faculty to integrate resources into distance learning programs; and actively encourage the creation and use of high-quality open educational resources. Staff use a process of continual assessment and adjustment to achieve the Library’s goals and strategic directions.

Katie Holden

Director, Academic Financial Operations

Katie Holden

The Financial Analyst II works directly with the Associate Provost and Chief of Staff and the Provost on all financial matters concerning the Provost’s direct reports. She is the main point of contact for Named Professorships, Unidel reporting, faculty hiring, and management of the Provost’s strategic initiative funds. In addition, she maintains and administers all departmental operating budgets for the Provost Office, Division of Enrollment Management and Office of Diversity. She reviews and analyzes any proposed budgets put forth to the Provost for funding and recommends and provides solutions for potential financial/budgetary issues for all of the Provost direct reports. She strives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes and looks for alternatives that better meets the business needs.

Administrative Staff

Assistant to the Provost and to the Associate Provost and Chief of Staff

Hilary Douwes

Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Mikaela Larraga