One Idea, One Slide Summit

The One Idea/One Slide Summit provides an open and collaborative forum for faculty and staff to share their exciting ideas that advance academic excellence in research, education and impact. Ideas are encouraged from across campus, with the intent of identifying problems and opportunities, while simultaneously leveraging a community approach to potential solutions.

The primary goal of the One Idea/One Slide Summit is for faculty and staff to share their ideas to grow and advance our University, and to do so in a setting that would invite teaming and innovation from others. The style of presentations is flash talks, limited to 2 minutes each. After all of the ideas have been presented at the Summit, there will be a networking reception, the intent of which is to begin collaboration and team formation around shared and complementary ideas.

One Idea, One Slide Summit 2024 Participation

The entire University community is invited to participate in the Summit. If you have an idea to share and present, please complete the One Idea/One Slide template linked below and design a single Powerpoint slide to assist with your Summit presentation.

The presentation schedule may be found here. Access to the proposal submissions requires a CAS login.

After the Summit

Teaming will extend beyond the formal reception. The Summit will be recorded and there will be a mechanism for others with requisite expertise to become involved in a given idea. This approach will be more inclusive and will strengthen the ideas and approaches that are pursued. We expect that this collaboration will uncover opportunities for enhancements and improvements.

Please use this collaboration form to indicate your interest in any of the presented ideas

All additional questions should be directed to Kate Sanford in the Office of the Provost at

One Idea, One Slide Summit 2023

The first One Idea/One Slide Summit was held May 2023. More than 280 contributors were a part of over 70 ideas presented to a University audience using one slide and a two-minute fast pitch. The result was incredible, with so many interesting and creative ideas.

The Summit became the perfect opportunity for the audience and presenters to network, identify partnerships and synergies. Each idea presented had a pathway to move forward, matching the right resources and support to their goals. 

The 2023 ideas and their assigned pathways can be found using the link below.