One Idea, One Slide Summit

Hosted by the Office of the Provost, the One Idea, One Slide Summit on May 19, 2023, featured faculty and staff presenting their ideas to address challenges and identify opportunities for change. More than 70 submitters presented to a University audience using one slide and a two-minute fast pitch. After the Summit, the audience and presenters were able to network, identifying partnerships and synergies.

The result was incredible, with so many interesting and creative ideas. Now, each idea has a pathway to move their idea forward, matching the right resources and support to their goals. 

Ideas have been advanced via one of the following pathways:

  • Academic Programs
  • Coordination with Existing Groups and Efforts
  • Research Opportunities
  • Seed Funding
  • Coordinated University Request for External Funding

(Access to the submissions requires CAS login)

Academic Programs

Several ideas contemplated creation of new undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs.  Other ideas contemplated the development of coursework or experiential learning opportunities that would benefit the development of academic programs. Each of these ideas has been advanced along the academic programs pathway. The Office of the Provost is developing a suite of resources and support for creating new academic programs, which will offer support to these submitters contemplating something similar.

Coordination with Existing Groups and Efforts

Several ideas were connected in interesting ways to ongoing efforts within other units across the university. To maximize the ability to utilize these existing resources, and to understand where the synergies lie, each of these ideas has been advanced along the pathway of coordination with existing programs and efforts. Each presenter has been connected with individuals from units and programs to discuss their idea and see how it could be advanced.

Research Opportunities

Several ideas were connected with opportunities that were focused on research efforts, such as the creation of core facilities, new centers and institutes, and faculty research projects. These ideas were advanced by the research opportunities pathway. 

Seed Funding

Several ideas were thought to be at a point at which internal seed funding and supportive resources can make them transformative and teams have been built around these proposals to develop and execute on their pilot projects. 

Coordinated University Request for External Funding

Several projects were identified as ready for coordination and development for submission to external foundations. Facilitators have been assigned to project teams to craft these proposals for this fall.  

The list of proposal presenters from the May 19 summit may be found here.

Recordings of all presentations can be found below.