University of Delaware

Past University Provosts

Allan P. Colburn 1950 – 1955
Carl J. Rees 1955 – 1962
John Shirley2 1962 – 1972
John Worthen* 1968
Leon Campbell 1972 – 1988
Richard B. Murray* 1988 – 1991
Byron Pipes 1991 – 1993
Richard B. Murray3 1993 – 1994
Melvyn Schiavelli 1994 – 2002
Dan Rich  2002 – 2009
Thomas Apple  2009 – 2012
Nancy Brickhouse* 2012 – 2013
Domenico Grasso 2013 –








1The Office of the Provost was created for Colburn in November 1950 when his service as Acting President of the University of Delaware ended with the arrival of John Perkins. Colburn died in 1955 while still serving as Provost.

2John Shirley served as Activing President of the University of Delaware from September 1967 through June 1968 with the arrival of Edward Arthur Trabant. Shirley then returned to his office as Provost

3When Richard B. Murray stepped down as Provost a second time (1994), the Board of Trustees of the University of Delaware passed a resolution removing acting from his title in recognition of his service.

*As asterisk placed after the name indicates that this person served as an acting Provost only, and is not included in a count of official Provosts of the University of Delaware.


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