Our Common Ground

February 6, 2017

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Welcome back!

As we embark upon the spring semester, I am reflecting on some of my original objectives when I came to UD a little over three years ago. One of them was that we would identify and share common goals and find ways to work together toward those goals, guided by our desire to ensure that this great university is the best that it can be for our students, faculty and staff.

On a national level, we are witnessing what can happen when groups of people gather together to support and advance common goals with conviction and passion. As I wrote at the start of the fall semester, we encourage honest and robust discourse on the grand challenges and great debates that we face as a university, a state and a nation. We are all better for these exchanges and dialogue, and I’m proud of the UD community for leading some of these important conversations. However, we must continue to be respectful of each other, especially in this time of division across our country. We can benefit greatly from sharing our unique perspectives as people of different beliefs and backgrounds.

As a university with a long and distinguished history of valuing global study and engagement, we have many of our students studying abroad as part of their educational experience. And on our own UD campus, we are fortunate to host international students and scholars representing 98 different countries who are here studying, teaching and advancing research. We have the opportunity and the duty to shape the future leaders and role models for Delaware, the nation and communities around the world.

To that end, I want to state firmly that we as university leaders stand with President Assanis in our commitment to being a welcoming, inclusive and supportive campus for all, regardless of immigration or citizenship status. We recognize that many of our students and scholars feel vulnerable right now, and we want to affirm the value of their presence and our commitment to their safety and success.

Our diversity strengthens us as a university. I take great pride in our commitment to inclusive excellence and our willingness to come together as a campus community to cultivate learning and service, create knowledge and foster the free exchange of ideas. I look forward to continuing this important work with all of you.

With all good wishes for the coming semester,


Domenico Grasso

Provost & Professor