Welcome to an exceptional journey

September 3, 2015

Welcome Blue Hens!

There is so much to be excited about as we start the new academic year. Let me take a brief moment to personally encourage you to embrace this remarkable time. Of the many things I love about UD ‹ including the beauty of The Green and the enthusiasm of students ‹ I most treasure our commitment to excellence and our sense of community.

As a kid growing up in a tough, working-class neighborhood, my own family did not have much in the way of material things. I did not speak English until age 5. My mother was a seamstress and my father worked in a textile company. My family saw education as a key to success ‹ and for my brother and me it was.

Equally important, I found great meaning in my life by extending the boundaries of community beyond my own doorstep and learning about other people¹s perspectives and experiences. ³When we enlarge our view of the world,² as internationally renowned musician Yo-Yo Ma said, ³we deepen our understanding of our own lives.²

Similarly, your own life path will be marked with ideas and exploration, with triumphs and setbacks, and with questions of who you are and who you will be. Please take ownership of your journey by making good decisions and having a lot of fun discovering the potential inside you. Your Blue Hen community will help guide you along the way.

Here at UD we offer an exceptional experience ‹ through our sense of community and our commitment to core values ‹ that would be difficult to find elsewhere. Enjoy this amazing journey and have a great year!



Domenico Grasso

Provost & Professor