The CNTT Commission Report and our commitment to excellence

April 22, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you have had an opportunity to read the report submitted to me by the Provost’s Commission on CNTT Faculty. (This report has been posted on the Provost’s Office website.) I am grateful both to the members of the commission and to the many faculty members who provided input to the process, either through the survey or the open meetings.

Furthermore, I hope you join me in thanking and congratulating the commission on undertaking such an important task with transparency, fairness, and a spirit of collaboration that truly embodies shared governance. Without question, this was a challenging task. The report is a thoughtful effort to resolve important issues affecting the nature of our work, including titling practices and promotion guidelines.

The commission’s report reaffirms our institutional commitment to embrace CNTT faculty as fully vested members of our academic community. As I noted in my May 20, 2014 letter, UD has already been a national leader in beneficial working conditions for non-tenure-track faculty members. In further discussing these recommendations, we will be improving upon something that is uniquely ours, and we will continue to lead other universities in this area. To paraphrase the report, our example shows that a diversified faculty does not have to be a divided one.

Indeed, our unified commitment to this University is a source of great strength. Inclusion of diverse perspectives and opinions is a value we know makes us better, and that drives excellence at every level. This report, and the process that led to it, is an example of the value of listening to all the members of our community.

I appreciate everyone’s input in making this process a success. We all share in the responsibility of setting a direction for UD that is true to our aspirations, our values and the character of our faculty. This report offers our community a set of recommendations; it is now our responsibility to move from recommendations to actions. As we do so, I hope that we will be mindful that we are unified in our goal of pursuing excellence as a faculty — excellence in scholarship, excellence in teaching, and excellence in service. Our faculty roles might differ but it is our commitment to the highest standards that unites us.

With all good wishes,


Domenico Grasso
Provost & Professor

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