Please share your books with our office

Dear Colleagues:

One of the wonderful benefits of being at a great university is being surrounded by world-class scholars in a wide variety of disciplines. I would like to show off our faculty’s accomplishments in every field, from art history, to thermodynamics, to the economics of development.

The Provost’s Office has an antique American Federal mahogany glass-door breakfront that currently showcases a few keepsakes from years past. Each time I pass it, I see a missed opportunity to put the present-day excellence of our UD scholarship and research on display.

With this simple but important request, I seek to honor your accomplishment and also update our office decor: Please consider lending or donating to the Office of the Provost a signed copy of one of your books.

Whenever students, colleagues and guests enter our office space, I want them to feel the same sense of pride I do as your partner in this outstanding academic community. You may drop off your book or send it via campus mail to the attention of Rita Scott.

With the distinct honor of being your colleague, I remain yours.



Domenico Grasso
Provost & Professor