Work-Life Balance Programs

Weekly Planning Meetings

This 30-minute meditation is offered as a space for faculty members to reflect on their planning process and improve upon it. The host will transition slides guiding participants through 3 different exercises that help faculty members structure their next week.

Semester Plan Workshops

Held at the beginning of UD’s Summer, Fall, Winter, & Spring terms, the Semester Plan Workshop is offered as a space to foster scholarly production. Faculty members can attend this (hybrid) workshop to outline their goals for the semester and how they will structure their semester to meet these goals.

Assess & Adjust Workshops

Faculty members and participants from Semester Plan Workshops are invited to join a (hybrid) mid-semester Assess & Adjust Workshop. The Assess & Adjust Workshop allows faculty members to reflect on how their schedules and demands of the semester have helped or hindered them from reaching their goals for the given semester.