UD Faculty Achievement Program

The UD Faculty Achievement Program (UDFAP) fosters supportive communities where faculty members are challenged and celebrated in their respective journeys to become more productive scholars while maintaining work-life balance. UDFAP reaches faculty through several endeavors including our highly successful small-group mentoring program, write-on sites, regular semester planning meetings, and targeted workshops for dossier preparation and mentoring early and mid-career faculty.

UDFAP Goals:

  • Assist faculty in building mentoring networks and career pathways
  • Foster work-life balance and professional growth
  • Create supportive communities that enhance faculty productivity and satisfaction
  • Utilize and maximize UD’s institutional NCFDD membership

If you have any questions or would like to join the UDFAP Community, please contact our Provost Faculty Fellows, Dr. Jennifer Saylor and Dr. Dana Veron, at facultyachievement@udel.edu.

Dr. Jennifer Saylor, Provost Faculty Fellow
Dr. Dana Veron, Provost Faculty Fellow